Contracts are very common in our day-to-day personal life, as well as in every aspect of business relations. Our knowledge of contract law helps us better serve our clients, especially in business and real estate matters where the analysis and construction of agreements is fundamental and necessary.

Our team of professionals is involved in many complex lawsuits where the main issue is a contract between the parties. Our lawyers can assist you and represent you before the courts when a dispute emerges, or in the course of any alternative dispute resolution method such as mediation and arbitration.

Our experience will meet your needs for legal advice as well as drafting and reviewing various agreements, including commercial leases, construction, enterprise, work, guarantee, security, loan, franchise and licensing agreements.


The law requires anyone that causes damages to compensate the victim for such damages. This principle can lead to complex litigation, implying numerous rules of statutory and case law. The assistance of a lawyer is therefore essential in the context of any claims for liability.

Our team consists of several seasoned litigators and negotiators, who will represent you before courts and administrative bodies, or assist you in negotiating out-of-court settlements. We never lose sight of the economic reality of our clients and we advise them in their best interests. Our lawyers will guide you navigate through the various options available throughout the course of a file, helping you target the real issues.

Our lawyers have also developed expertise on claims involving seller and manufacturer’s liability with regard to defective products.


Our expertise in this area allows us to take action in all aspects of labour relations with a client of employees and employers. Our professionals have the skills to identify and implement proactive approaches, particularly in the drafting of contracts. When a situation requires negotiation and representation before administrative or civil courts, our team will assist you throughout the process.

Our services include consulting, contract drafting, negotiation and representation before the courts regarding every matter related to human resources. We intervene in labour contract and share purchase option agreements, remuneration and termination of employment agreement. As well as non-competition ABD non-solicitation of employees / customers clauses.

Our professional team also provides trading services and representation in court for wrongful or constructive dismissal, notice of termination, occupational health and safety, harassment situations or violations of human rights and labour standards.

Our firm has developed considerable experience in labour law and employment over the years, representing employees and employers in all stages of the employment relationship, from hiring to termination.


Our firm represents numerous clients with regards to insurance matters such as Canadian, American and European insurance companies, as well as insured parties. We understand the needs and expectations of each client, and intend to serve their needs with great care and precision.


Our attorneys intervene in many disputes to claim compensation and protect the rights and interests of our insured clients. Besides, we can also represent the interests of insurers in the context of subrogatory actions.

Throughout the years, our team of professionals has acquired a vast experience in cases of damage to property as well as in personal injury cases. These various cases pertain to numerous sectors such as construction, real estate, manufacturing and agriculture.”


A class action is legal mechanism by which a person is authorized to represent without express mandate a defined group of people, who can benefit from the final judgment without participating in the judicial process.

These remedies can be complex and require a thorough understanding of technical aspects, which is why the intervention of a competent team is required. Our lawyers have the necessary experience to assist you in the course of class actions, and are particularly experienced in defending manufacturers involved in this kind of action.


When the other party to a contract is in continuous or serious breach of the contract, or when there is a risk of serious or irreparable harm, the law provides extraordinary remedies such as interim injunctions, interlocutory injunctions, as well as safeguard orders. Our lawyers are experts in the art of using these tools efficiently and quickly in order to better protect the interests of our clients and limit any potential damage.

For example, our lawyers can represent you in the context of “Mareva” type injunctions, often referred to as “freezing orders”. Such orders aim to freeze the assets of a party when there is a risk of a transfer of assets outside a court’s jurisdiction to avoid rendering a judgment impossible to execute.

In addition, our team can act in the context of “Anton Piller” injunctions. This type of order allows the preservation of evidence for a legal action when there is a risk that this evidence could be lost or destroyed. Our professionals have the necessary experience to seek such orders, to challenge them, or to act as independent lawyers to supervise their execution.



Our highly qualified multidisciplinary team is available to offer you a variety of legal services. Useful counseling awaits you so we can meet all of your needs.