Securities, liens and hypothecs can take several forms, the best known of which are the conventional and legal hypothecs whether movable or immovable. The creation of a security interest can sometimes be necessary in the financing process of a business project. Our team of professionals will assist debtors and creditors during at all stages, from the set up to the execution of securities.

We offer drafting services for the preparation of agreements and documents necessary for setting up a lien or hypothec and publishing it in the registries such as the Land Register and the Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights.

Our team of competent lawyers also offer assistance and representation services before the courts in matters such as the execution and cancellation of securities or hypothecs. Since the law provides for a strict mechanism, the assistance of legal professionals is essential.


Over the years, our team has developed extensive experience in cases concerning hidden defects and faulty workmanship. Our firm can help protect the rights and interests of sellers and buyers under conventional or legal warranty against hidden defects. Furthermore, our vast network of experts from all technical fields may contribute to your case in order to better protect your interests.

In addition, our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, and are qualified to represent clients, general contractors, project managers and subcontractors for defects liability, on residential, commercial, industrial as well as institutional buildings.


The construction industry is regulated by a large number of complex rules. These rules rely on various notions of securities and hypothecs, labour law, health and safety, administrative law, contract law and different statutes governing the sector.

Our team of experts in construction law can assist you during all stages of your project for the construction or renovation of a residential, industrial or commercial building. We can, in particular, draft your construction service or project management agreement. We can also help you protect your rights regarding registration or cancellation of legal construction hypothecs (builder’s lien), or appear before the Commission de la construction du Québec and the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (Labour standards and occupational health and safety commission) for any matter relating to regulatory compliance or for any claim related to statutory contributions.

We regularly represent real estate developers, project managers, builders, subcontractors and individuals before the courts. Our team of professionals will offer you solutions tailored to your needs for negotiation, settlements or legal recourses.


We offer a wide range of services to co-ownership syndicates and owners, such as the settlement of disputes between a union and a co-owner, between co-owners, and between syndicate, the developer and the builder.

We can assist you with acceptance of work on the common portions and with all claims to a guarantee fund governed by the “Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings”. We can also advise you on the drafting of clauses in a declaration of co-ownership, help you collect common charges resulting from the co-ownership (more commonly called “condo fees”) and to register a legal hypothec to the benefit of the co-ownership syndicate.




Our highly qualified multidisciplinary team is available to offer you a variety of legal services. Useful counseling awaits you so we can meet all of your needs.